International Delphic Council

The International Delphic Council (IDC) was founded as a League of Nations to bring people and cultures together on the 15th of December 1994, with representatives from 20 Nations. Initiated and founded by Mr. J. Christian B. Kirsch from Berlin, Germany; as a voluntary, not-for-profit, public-benefit, non-religious non-government, non-political, non-sectarian, equal-opportunity, inclusive organisation. The Delphic Games were revived, with the larger objective of conserving and evolving our cultures and timeless values for our current and future generations. Delphic Games are to Arts and Cultures what Olympic Games are to physical Sports.


To foster peace and harmony amongst people, cultures and nations through artistic and cultural engagements.


  • International Delphic Council
  • Regional Delphic Council (RDC)
    for respective region / continent
  • National Delphic Council (NDC)
    for respective country
  • State Delphic Councils in India
  • Delphic Clubs

Delphic Activities

Delphic Games

Worldwide stage for the encounter of arts and cultures


Games between the Games held at National, Regional and Local levels


Delphic Education Movie Awards

Delphic Art Wall

A multimedia Arts & Culture project for students between ages of 6 and 17 years

Art Categories being promoted

Musical Arts
& Sounds
Performing Arts
& Acrobatic
Visual Arts
& Crafts
Language Arts
& Rhetoric
Social Arts
& Communications
Ecological Arts
& Architecture

Delphic Games

Just like the Olympic Games for sports, Delphic Games aspires to unite nations and cultures across the globe through a common fascination for arts.

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